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homeremodeling.jpgMONTGOMERY COUNTY-A 38 year old remodeling business based in Montgomery County is looking to continue growth and take care of a slowly rebounding housing market.

Danny Saling, born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Montgomery County, is a Vietnam veteran who got his start in the remodeling business when he went to school for HVAC and construction on the GI Bill.

“I was doing a lot of HVAC work back then when someone told me I should start my own remodeling business. Well I never thought about it at the time, but I decided to give it a try. 38 years later here I am still at it. I’ve done very well,” said Saling who owns Danny Saling Remodeling.

When it comes to remodeling Danny does just about everything you can want and maybe more from a remodeler with a small staff of four trusted local employees.  Kitchens, baths, roofing, stonework, doors, windows, handyman work, and more are all skill sets of Danny Saling Remodeling. “If it’s inside or outside a house I can do it. Most of the work I do is residential, but I have done some work for businesses as well,” said Saling.

Saling says he enjoys working in the county where he grew up and a lot of the work he does is in Montgomery County. But he also travels to D.C., Northern Virginia, Prince Georges County, and Frederick County. The majority of his recent work has been remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and handyman work. Saling says that is a reflection of the tough times the housing market has gone through.

“With the market the way it was for housing a lot of people weren’t really buying new houses. Instead a lot of people wanted to remodel or renovate their current homes. So that’s been a lot of my business lately,” said Saling. “I’m also doing a lot more handyman work. That’s a lot of installing outlets, painting, rain gutter work, and tile work. There’s a real demand for handyman work these days. It’s a large portion of work that I do.”

Saling says the quality of work he does and his reputation is vitally important in the remodeling business where it does not take long for word of your work to spread.

“Reputation is everything. I can’t stress enough how important it is. It doesn’t take long to get a bad one and it does take a long time to shake one. I work hard to do a quality job and deliver what the customers ask for,” said Saling. “A good reputation also helps bring back repeat customers. With the number of clients I have had I pride myself on the work I do.”

Saling says he enjoys what he does, but he gets a lot of satisfaction when he sees some his work still in good shape years later during his travels around the region.

“You know I’ve built houses, renovated houses, erected pre-fabricated houses, and all sorts of other work. I’ve been doing this for 38 years and it is truly a rewarding business. It’s even better that I get to do it in a place I love and build friendships and repeat customers through the work I do,” said Saling.


By Daryl Buchanan

Danny Saling Remodeling

33 Ericsson Rd
Cabin JohnMD 20818

(301) 229-7578

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