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On the Matter of Religion


Godmonty“The priests have so disfigured the simple religion of Jesus that no one who reads the sophistications they have engrafted on it, from the jargon of Plato, of Aristotle and other mystics, would conceive these could have been fathered on the sublime preacher of the Sermon on the Mount.” — Thomas Jefferson To Dr. Waterhouse, 1815


Not much has changed in our quest for enlightenment since man first crawled from the caves, looked into the sky and wondered about the nature of his existence.

Why am I here? I live and I will die.

What is the point of what comes in between?

In order to grasp man’s place in this seemingly incomprehensible universe we first looked to the sky and its infinite expanse and invented imaginary gods that ruled over our existence and gave some meaning to the emptiness of our days.


Bill Clinton and the broken clock


11203273 1005949686112556 2382230697798479037 nI have to confess, I thought the issue of a minimum wage was a “No-Brainer”.

So when I recently posted a quote from former President Bill Clinton mentioning how raising the minimum wage was actually a good example of trickle-down theory, I was surprised at the resulting furor and it prompted a good two weeks of research in order to confront the issue with facts and some dispassionate reason.


This Column is interrupted by . . .


11174980 1133545313337574 5715999307048747299 nWe began this week wanting to talk about transparency and the lack of it in local, state and federal government. From police departments to the wonderful statehouse, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and ending up with the White House – where a public information officer actually hung up the phone on me – something that hasn't happened to me in more than 30 years as a reporter. We were ready to go off on the problems of transparency in government.


It's my kingdom for an aphorism

CASEphoto02I confess I have a vice, but it’s not of a conventional nature. I am addicted to a good aphorism as sure as a junkie needs the needle. Earlier this week I ran into an old friend who asked me about this addiction of mine. He offered a thesaurus and a dictionary along with copious amounts of bourbon to deal with this addiction. Needless to say . . . well it’s needless to say.





Lennon1This morning as I got my latest edition of vanilla infused brackish liquid caffeine in a thermal cardboard cup, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation which both amused and angered me.

I confess I will eavesdrop when something tickles my fancy and if you’re loud enough to be heard by the general population. Some of us speak thusly because we think what we have to say is very important, and some of us do it because we either have no social graces or we still think we live in our own private Idaho equipped with Bluetooth. So, don’t blame me if I overhear whatever conversation you’re having and I laugh.


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