The thrill ride of "The Agency"


TheagencyThe back jacket of “The Agency” outlines in a nutshell the life of Eddie Bartlett – a lonely, timid Wall Street research analyst.

Eddie’s life changes dramatically when he hires The Reynard Agency to help him meet beautiful women, “using their unique dating system.”

Eddie didn’t bargain for what follows. Of course no man ever bargains for what he gets when he goes after beautiful women – and that’s the rub.

Marshall Caggiano’s debut novel is a mystery thriller which takes the reader on a well-crafted and intense ride through death, drama and desperation.

Eddie is head over heels for Jessica, and tells us he hasn’t “felt this way about a girl since high school.” Everyone except Eddie seems to know this is a recipe for disaster and it isn’t long before meeting Jessica that disaster follows.

Caggiano’s first offering reads well and has a first-time author’s typical enthusiasm for his subject matter.

The two protagonists are interesti


He killed Pink Floyd's Pig!


41ew3gMPKnL. SL250 It was the heyday of rock n’ roll radio. For those of us who worked in radio at the time, it was an era filled with sex, drugs, rock and good times.

If you weren’t around, think of "WKRP in Cincinnati" but amped up and wilder – and far less “G” rated.

Now someone who spent the time at high levels in the radio industry during the glorious 70s has penned an  eponymous  recounting of life in the rock n’ roll fast lane during the last, great rock n’ roll boom of the 1970s and early 80s.

Beau Phillips adventure, “I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig” named after a very funny chapter that you’ll have to read to understand, tells humorous and sometimes poignant tales of rock n’ roll viewed from the best seat in the house – a radio station program director and executive at the early MTV networks.


The medium is the "Messages"

51UGvVk7QxL. BO2204203200 PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76 AA278 PIkin4BottomRight-6922 AA300 SH20 OU01 There was a time when network television was king and we all got together and shared dinner while watching Huntley/Brinkley or Walter Cronkite.


Standup Guys Delivers the Laughter

standup3Standup comedy has probably been around since man learned to grunt; and while earlier efforts in this art form have never been fully chronicled, at least we have John DeBellis’s brilliant work on which we can rely.

“Standup Guys,” a memoir by John DeBellis takes us to the heart of a comedian’s tortured soul and at the same time is such an entertaining read you actually taste the stale beer and feel the sticky bar counters from the 70s when Debellis began his life as a comedian.


Young local author relies on her experience to help grade school children

alexisROCKVILLE – They say the best thing to write about is experience. So, what could a 17-year-old girl bring to the party worthy of a book? One very bright young woman, Alexis Doyle, found she could usher in a new generation of lesson books for elementary children.


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