Young local author relies on her experience to help grade school children

alexisROCKVILLE – They say the best thing to write about is experience. So, what could a 17-year-old girl bring to the party worthy of a book? One very bright young woman, Alexis Doyle, found she could usher in a new generation of lesson books for elementary children.

Doyle, 17, is the author of “Jesse and His New Baby Sister” and “Ethan the Big Brother.” Both focus on different aspects of bringing a new sibling into a family. “Jesse and His Baby Sister” focuses on impatient siblings who expect a new baby to be able to play immediately. “Ethan and the New Baby” focuses on a sibling’s adjustment to no longer being the center of attention, when not one, but two babies are born.

Doyle, however says she was too young to remember when her brother was born and instead draws from the experience of friends and family.  Doyle, who wants to be an elementary school teacher, uses her books as a teaching tool.

“The idea for the books came from the fact that I want to be a teacher when I grow up, mostly early childhood or elementary which is the age level that these books are aimed at. I also love to write, so I thought what better way to combine all the things I love to do into one, than writing books that not only  show my love for kids and my love for writing and the fact that I want to be a teacher because both these books show very important lessons in life,” said Doyle.

Doyle wrote her first book when she was 13. She is currently a junior at St. Andrews School in Potomac.

“I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It is something I have always loved to do in school I have taken a few creative writing classes and English is my favorite subject in the world. Every time I have a creative writing assignment I get really excited and I enjoy it,” said Doyle.

For her next book, Doyle wants to use her experience of spending extended time in the hospital after surgery in the summer of 2012.

“I’m hoping to write more and teach kids other important life lessons. I went to the hospital because I had major surgery and for my next book and I’m thinking about writing about going to the hospital. A lot of kids associate the hospital with being scary and they get nervous and don’t want to go. This way I can show them that doctors are not here to hurt you or scare you, but they are here to help you and if  do you have to stay in the hospital, which I had to, it can be really fun. They give you a lot of food and a TV in your room it can be really nice,” said Doyle.

Doyle, is working on her third book and hopes to have it published in summer 2013.

By Donna Broadway

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