The thrill ride of "The Agency"


TheagencyThe back jacket of “The Agency” outlines in a nutshell the life of Eddie Bartlett – a lonely, timid Wall Street research analyst.

Eddie’s life changes dramatically when he hires The Reynard Agency to help him meet beautiful women, “using their unique dating system.”

Eddie didn’t bargain for what follows. Of course no man ever bargains for what he gets when he goes after beautiful women – and that’s the rub.

Marshall Caggiano’s debut novel is a mystery thriller which takes the reader on a well-crafted and intense ride through death, drama and desperation.

Eddie is head over heels for Jessica, and tells us he hasn’t “felt this way about a girl since high school.” Everyone except Eddie seems to know this is a recipe for disaster and it isn’t long before meeting Jessica that disaster follows.

Caggiano’s first offering reads well and has a first-time author’s typical enthusiasm for his subject matter.

The two protagonists are interesti

ng studies in dichotomy- the well rounded versus the naïve and the world weary versus the fresh face.

Without giving away too much of the plot, which would absolutely ruin the experience, the business model for the Reynard Agency is both unique and interesting. It is this as well as the unique characters of Eddie and Jessica that make this thrill ride so much fun and so mesmerizing.

Caggiano’s writing style is full of wry observations and adult sarcasm as well as spot-on observations of today’s work and playful dating world. His background in the military helps his technical knowledge a great deal, but it is his sense of humor that carries this novel.

One get’s the idea Caggiano had as much fun writing this as you will have reading it.

So kick back, relax and enjoy a real thrill ride that should be coming to a theater near you soon.


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