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These crepes are worth a Go Go

20130924 172616 1The French may call them “crepts” while the Americans may call them “crapes”, but either way you pronounce it, the word “crêpe” should always conjure up images of ultra-thin, ultra-light pancakes the size of dinner plates enveloping a myriad of sweet or savory ingredients.  Crêpes A-Go-Go has brought the traditional Parisian street-fare straight from the romantic city itself and into the hands of Montgomery County locals, who don’t often consider the other uses for an electric griddle outside of breakfast. 

Crêpes A-Go-Go is not a large dining establishment—the restaurant seats no more than a few dozen guests in wicker chairs at wood-topped tables.  Dark stone tiles line the walls, displaying sconces and pictures of France.  The speakers softly emit music and voices of the romance language in attempts to bring a bit of Paris to the suburbs.  A single cashier mans the entire restaurant from behind the walk-up counter, and he is more than willing to answer my questions about specific ingredients.  The menu is divided into Sucrée (Sweet) and Salées (Savory) crêpes, offering over 75 different combinations of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses tucked in between the folds of a thin pancake.  We are tempted to choose sautéed chicken with peppers and onions or roasted eggplant with sun-dried tomatoes and feta, but settle instead for more traditional fillings of cheese, ham and mushrooms. 

The same cashier brings us our food ten minutes later.  My California Brunch Special features a delectable combination of smoked deli turkey, meaty sautéed mushrooms and creamy avocado chunks held together with ample amounts of melted pepper jack cheese.  The light brown crust along the outside of the hot-of-the-griddle crepe pleasantly foils the softer ingredients hidden inside.  Flavorless tomatoes only serve to water down the filling, while the egg that I requested to be cooked over-easy fails to spill its runny yellow-contents upon piercing the yolk with a fork.  The lone cook seems intent on serving up food his way, as the next egg I request to replace the overcooked one is served the exact same way.  The establishment recovers their lost brownie points when the cashier returns, unprompted, with a properly-prepared over-easy egg he had prepared himself after watching to second egg go uneaten.  For dessert, we decide to branch out from the Nutella-stuffed classic and experiment with a honey, banana and almond powder filling.  The ground almonds gave the soft banana just enough crunch to keep it interesting, and we quickly devoured the entire dish.

Who better to critique a namesake French dish than a Frenchman himself?  My dining partner, a French native, says the crépes are “pretty good”, even if they do not necessarily remind him of home.  We both agree that the savory crépes could use better quality meat and cheese and the sweet crépe could use less sweet, but we are otherwise planning a return visit for the next time we don’t feel like pulling out the griddle and whipping up a few ourselves. 

Aside from a few shortcomings, Crêpes A-Go-Go will please both “crape-lovers” and “crept-lovers” alike.  The food is fast, portable and easily customizable, so it would not surprise me if the crêpe trend eventually gains momentum in the States.  Crêpes vary in price from $3.50 to $8.75 for savory and $3.50 to $9.85 for sweet.  Crêpes-A-Go-Go is located at 514 Main Street in Gaithersburg, MD (in the Kentlands).  They have a second area location at 701 7th street NW, Washington, DC.

By Courtney Shay



Final Verdict:  Must-Go  Go  So-So  No-Go

The ratings:

Must Go:  I will go out of my way to seek out this restaurant

Go:  I will eat here again

So-So:  I guess I can eat here, if I am starving and I’m standing in front of the restaurant

No-Go:  I don’t care how hungry I am, I will not eat here

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