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Your friendly neighborhood dive diner

20131005 111941 1In my desperate search to discover a genuine neighborhood diner without a big-name chain associated with it – you know, the kind of dive-looking place where grandpa is in the back frying up bacon and eggs and the kids are out front bring plates of home-cooked food to the regular locals—I stumbled across Woodfield Diner in a strip-mall off of route 124 (a.k.a. Woodfield Road).  Albeit far from a hidden neighborhood gem, I found the fresh-cooked eggs and simple omelets a refreshing break from the liquid chicken that is often poured from a milk carton onto a griddle. 

Greasy food?  Check.  Speedy service?  Check.  Styrofoam plates? Check.  Large breakfast portions for under five dollars?  Check-plus.  This place earns enough “checks” in my book to label themselves a diner, as long as you do not expect your food to be 100% made-from-scratch and served by teenagers on roller skates.  My eggs are cooked perfectly over-easy and the giant mound of bacon is as crispy as it could possibly be without being burnt, but the only justice my stale toast can do is sop up the excess grease on my Styrofoam plate like a dry sponge.  The Western Omelet is decent.  I prefer a thinner, more delicate layer of egg and less filling, but Woodfield Diner prefers to serve their omelets in true American fashion with gobs of American cheese, slices of deli ham and chunks of slightly undercooked green peppers and onions that have spent too long soaking in the grease on the griddle.  Hashbrowns, served with most of the dishes or as a side, can also stand to use less grease but are otherwise cooked well with enough onion to add a pleasant sweetness. 

Overall, the food tasted “fresh enough” despite the lingering taste of griddle-grease that hung unpleasantly around my palate after the meal.  None of the food is something I couldn’t quickly prepare on my own, but the cheap prices make it too hard to resist the ultra-convenience factor of eating breakfast on-the-run or sitting down with a large group of people on a Saturday morning. 

Despite my qualms with the place, I would most likely eat here again.  Not for the quality of the food, but for the simple fact that there exists a surprising lack of area family-owned restaurants cracking their eggs fresh on the griddle for breakfast 7 days a week.  And the bacon.  Lots and lots of bacon.

Woodfield Diner is located at 18544 Woodfield Rd in Gaithersburg, MD 20879.

The Verdict:  Must Go   Go   So-So   No-Go

By Courtney Shay

Cheap Eats Maven

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