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Top Ten Ways to Sleep Through Life


toptenmonikerTop Ten Lists are currently all the rage. Studies show many people even prefer to get their news via lists rather than actual stories. Some say this trend started with David Letterman, but others are convinced Moses began this exercise when he walked down from a certain mountain after having a discussion with a burning bush . . . which sounds a lot like he was smoking an illegal substance, but we won’t go there.


Justin Bieber touched who?

DavecoyneD.C. Lugi, better known as Dave Coyne is at it again. Coyne, one of our favorite local comedians adds his magic to the problems of Justin Bieber with his latest YouTube video, "Justin Bieber Touched Me."


Larry David is a hypochondriac


larrydavidOne night, after Larry David and I both had bad shows, we went back to his apartment to give each other a comic pep talk, which consisted of who could feel less doomed by finding the most fault with the audience and who had the worst spot.  After about an hour of competitive complaining, as I was about to leave, I noticed on the floor next to LD’s bed, several pamphlets—Symptoms of Cancer, Symptoms of Heart Attacks, Symptoms of Strokes, Symptoms of Legionnaire’s Disease and several other life threatening illnesses. 


The high cholesterol blues

JohnDebellisI’d just came back from the doctor’s office where I found out that my blood pressure was so high that it was causing global warming and my cholesterol was rising so fast I could suffer a heart attack just from building so many blockages.  Added together, my cholesterol and blood pressure still weren’t higher than my bill, which made my blood pressure and cholesterol go even higher. It meant more visits to the doctor, which made my bill rise even more.  Well, you get the picture. It’s the cycle of mid-life.


DCLugi makes an impression

DavecoyneLocal comedian Dave Coyne is up to his old mischief. Long known for his YouTube videos and local comedic stylings, the master of a thousand voices offers some of his most recent celebrity impressions.


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