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The Ultimate Beatle Trivia Quiz


Beatles2In celebration of The Beatles 50th anniversary, everyone in the world is coming up with Beatle Trivia. We at MoCoVox are no different. We happen to believe we are the world’s most attentive Beatle trivia fans, however, so have fun with this mini-quiz. Forward us your comments and questions.

For the record, we are big Beatle fans. We became enamored of music because of The Beatles and picked up our first guitar learning to play “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” and other Beatle tunes.

So, if you can beat us at this trivia contest, fair and square, then so be it. So it’s a really gear year and a Fab memory of jelly babies of the past.  And remember while there are no Flies on Frank, be a Good Dog Nigel.

Here we go. No fair using online help.We will list the question and rate its difficulty (Apple Scruffs = Easy) (Apple Bonkers = Medium) (Apple Corps = Difficult) and (Manila = Impossible):

1.       Who is “Martha” in “Martha My Dear?”  - Apple Scruffs

2.       Who was the drummer for The Beatles 6/4/1964? – Apple Corps

3.       What was the inspiration for the song “Getting Better”? – Manila

4.       What album was plugged as a “New Phase” Beatle album? – Apple Scruffs

5.       In 1966 who did John Lennon describe as “Thick and Ordinary”? – Manila

6.       What was the first Beatle Album released on CD? – Apple Bonkers

7.       Name all of the instrumental tracks released by The Beatles – Apple Corps

8.       How many drum solos did Ringo record with The Beatles? – Apple Scruffs

9.       Other than John, Paul, George and Ringo – how many other musicians played live with The Beatles and at one time were billed as being in the band? – Apple Bonkers

10.   What was George Martin doing before he produced records for The Beatles? – Apple Scruffs

11.   What “clue” about Paul’s supposed death is included in Strawberry Fields? – Apple Scruffs

12.   What did John claim he actually said in “Strawberry Fields”? – Apple Scruffs

13.   What John and Paul penned rocker became The Rolling Stones first hit? - Apple Scruffs

14.   What song on “The White Album” has a tenuous connection to Woody Allen? – Apple Bonkers

15.   Why did Brian Epstein visit The Beatles at The Cavern Club? - Apple Bonkers

16.   What song was originally called “Mark I” and is attributed to something Ringo said in a 1964 Interview? – Apple Corps

17.   What Beatle song did Ron Griffith of “Badfinger” say made him go “Gobsmacked”? – Manila

18.   Who introduced The Beatles as “The greatest tea-room orchestra in the world?” – Manila

19.   The original title of “Yesterday”? – Apple Scruffs

20.   In 1964 when asked by a reporter, how long did John Lennon say The Beatles would last? – Apple Corps


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