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Mr. Sulu does the Time Warp Again

SciFi George 1In space, no one can her you scream, but if you listen carefully you can often hear some very good music,

Certainly a highlight of their current pops season, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Strathmore recently celebrated all things “geeky” with a Sci Fi Spectacular.   There were people in Imperial Storm trooper outfits outside the concert hall and plenty of lighting and laser effects inside the concert hall.  It’s not something you see every day at Strathmore.

And for once, the topic of science fiction stayed close to its roots - all too often the topic gets stretched to include Hogwarts style fantasy or Stephen King style horror.  With very few exceptions, if it did not include aliens or space crafts or some other SF staple like time travel, it was not included on this program.


The Ultimate Beatle Trivia Quiz


Beatles2In celebration of The Beatles 50th anniversary, everyone in the world is coming up with Beatle Trivia. We at MoCoVox are no different. We happen to believe we are the world’s most attentive Beatle trivia fans, however, so have fun with this mini-quiz. Forward us your comments and questions.

For the record, we are big Beatle fans. We became enamored of music because of The Beatles and picked up our first guitar learning to play “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” and other Beatle tunes.


Meet the man who brought The Beatles to the U.S.


BeatlesletitbeAbout 5 years ago, at the behest of a Pulitzer prize nominated writer, David Black, I had the privilege and honor to spend 5 hours with Sid Bernstein.  The interview was to be published that month in a national magazine, but because of legal issues the magazine folded.   

He’s the man responsible for bringing the Beatles to America.   That could be enough for several past and present lives.  Add to that the Rollingstones, the Kinks, Manford Mann, the Dave Clark Five… the British Invasion.   He was also the first man to book a rock and roll act into Carnegie Hall, and Madison Square Garden, where he broke the color line bringing in James Brown.  Oh, and he was also the first to book a rock and roll band into a stadium, (the Beatles in Shea stadium).  


Violin shines at Strathmore

While the National Philharmonic did not open the year 2014 with Strauss waltzes like the Baltimore Symphony, they did the next best thing.  They opened with serenades.


Mozart at his most playful

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Strathmore celebrated the New Year one day late, but they did it in a grand way.  They even braved the early snow storm to kick off 2014 in fine form.

Now, you do not herald a new year with long Mahler symphonies or heavy Brahms concertos.  Instead the program featured works by three composers – Johann Strauss Jr. waltzes, operetta bonbons by Franz Lehar and Mozart at his most playful.


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