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MCPS undergoes construction

By Daryl Buchanan


ROCKVILLE-The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) system is undergoing a massive years-long modernization, and, in some cases, total replacement, of the county schools.


Dana Tofig, the director of the MCPS Public Information Office, said many of the schools are in the design and construction phase. Flora M. Singer Elementary School is one of the new schools opening this fall in Silver Spring.


“It’s all part of the Capital Improvement Projects, and many students will see new schools, classroom additions and modernization projects,” Tofig said. “Schools like Paint Branch are getting replaced entirely and will open next year. There are about 12 projects that will be completed next year with more coming in the future.”


Tofig said schools receiving modernizations will be equipped with up-to-date technology and learning tools to improve teaching, as well as modern maintenance fixes like lighting and HVAC.


Individual Projects                                        Anticipated Completion Date


Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cluster


Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS                            TBD

Bethesda-Chevy Chase MS                            8/2017

BethesdaES Addition                                                8/2015

North Chevy Chase ES Addition                   8/2015

North Chevy ChaseES Gym                          8/2012

Rock Creek Forest ES Modernization            1/2015

Rosemary Hills ES Addition                          8/2015

Rosemary Hills ES Modernization                 1/2021

Westbrook ES Addition                                 8/2013

Westbrook ES Gym                                        8/2013


Winston Churchill Cluster


Herbert Hoover MS Modernization                8/2013

Beverly Farms MS Modernization                  1/2013

Potomac ES Modernization                            1/2018

Seven Locks ES Addition/Modernization      1/2012

Seven Locks ES Gym                                     1/2012

Wayside ES Modernization                            8/2016


Clarksburg Cluster


Clarksburg HS Addition                                 8/2015

Clarksburg/Damascus MS (New)                   8/2016

Clarksburg Cluster ES                                    8/2014

Captain James E. Daly ES Addition              TBD


Damascus Cluster


Clarksburg/Damascus MS (New)                   8/2016

Damascus ES Modernization                          8/2021


Downcounty Consortium


Wheaton HS Modernization                           building 8/2015 – site 8/2018

Eastern MS Modernization                             8/2020

Arcola ES Addition                                        8/2015

Bel Pre ES Modernization                              8/2014

Downcounty Consortium                               8/2012

(McKenney Hills reopening)

Georgian Forest ES Addition                         8/2013

Glenallan ES Modernization                           8/2013

Highland View ES Addition                          8/2017

Oakland Terrace ES                                        8/2012

(DCC #29 ES-Reopening of McKenney Hills ES)

Sargent Shriver ES Addition                          TBD

Viers Mill ES Addition                                   8/2013

Weller Road ES Modernization                      8/2013

Wheaton Woods ES Modernization               8/2016

Woodlin ES Addition                                     TBD


Gaithersburg Cluster


Gaithersburg HS Modernization/Replacement building 8/2013 - site 2014

Strawberry Knoll ES Addition                       TBD

Summit Hall ES Addition                              TBD

Summit Hall ES Modernization                      1/2021


Walter Johnson Cluster


Tilden MS Modernization                               8/2018

Ashburton ES Addition                                  TBD

Garrett Park ES Modernization                      1/2012

Garrett Park ES Gym                                      1/2012

Kensington-Parkwood ES Addition              TBD

Luxmanor ES Modernization                         1/2018

Wyngate ES Addition                                                8/2013


Col. Zadok Magruder Cluster


Candlewood ES Modernization                     1/2015

Judith A. Resnik ES Addition                                    TBD


Richard Montgomery Cluster


Julius West MS Addition                               8/2016

Richard Montgomery ES #5                           8/2015

(Hungerford Park Site)

Twinbrook ES Modernization                                    1/2021


Northeast Consortium


Paint Branch HS Modernization/Replacement building 8/2012 – site 8/2013

William Farquhar MS Modernization             8/2016

Burnt Mills ES Addition                                TBD

Burtonsville ES Addition                               TBD

Cannon RoadES Modernization                    1/2012

Greencastle ES Addition                                TBD

Stonegate ES Modernization                          8/2019


Northwest Cluster


Darnestown ES Addition                               8/2013

Diamond ES Addition                                                TBD

Northwest ES #8                                            8/2017


Poolesville Cluster


Poolesville HS Modernization                        8/2021


Quince Orchard Cluster


Ridgeview MS Improvements                        8/2012

Brown Station ES Modernization                  8/2016


Rockville Cluster


Lucy Barnsley ES Addition                           TBD

Maryvale ES Modernization                           1/2018

Meadow Hall ES Addition                             TBD


Seneca Valley Cluster


Seneca Valley HS Modernization                   building 8/2017 – site 8/2018

S. Christa McAuliffe ES Addition                 TBD

Walters Landing ES Addition                                    8/2014


Sherwood Cluster


William Farquher MS Modernization             8/2016

Belmont ES Modernization                            8/2019


Watkins Mill Cluster




Walt Whitman Cluster


Bradley Hills ES Addition                             8/2013

Wood Acres ES Addition                              8/2016


Thomas S. Wootton Cluster


Wootton HS Modernizations                          building 8/2019 – site 8/2020

Cold Spring ES Gym                                      8/2012

Cold Spring ES Modernization                      8/2019

DuFief ES Modernization                              8/2019


Other Educational Facilities


Thomas Edison HS Modernization                 building 8/2017 – site 8/2020

Blair G. Ewing Center Modifications             TBD

Rock Terrace School Modifications               TBD

Stephen Knolls School Modifications            TBD

Carl Sandburg Modernization                                    1/2018

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