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Gansler Politics in Rockville

ROCKVILLE- Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler kicked off his “Building Our Best in Maryland” series with a stop at the Montgomery County Family Justice Center.

The visits are small informal meetings with communities across the country. The first meeting focused on domestic violence prevention work done by Gansler in his time as Montgomery County prosecutor and Attorney General.

The Family Justice Center, modeled after the San Diego center opened in 2002, is a one stop shop for access to law enforcement, prosecutors, counseling for adults and children, transportation, and shelter. The center was the brain child of Gansler, who proposed the idea in 2004, but the center wasn’t opened until 2008.

Gansler, who is in his second term as Attorney General, said domestic violence is an issue that has affected him since his career started in 1992.

“When I became a prosecutor in 1992, my first handful of cases were domestic violence cases. I saw the government was supposed to protect the people the most that needed help. And that is what a domestic violence victim is. And I realized there was nowhere else for these people to go, so I became a real advocate and as a prosecutor and someone who has put people in jail for domestic violence, and seen the loopholes in the law and cultural stigmas attached to domestic violence, I thought it was very important issue,” said Gansler.

Gansler, a Bethesda resident, is also politicking. Though Gansler will not officially announce his candidacy for governor until September, he has confirmed his intentions seek the 2014 democratic nomination. Gansler joins the growing list of gubernatorial candidates. Harford County executive David Craig announced his candidacy on June 3, Takoma Park delegate Heather Mizeur will announce her final decision in the upcoming weeks, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has teamed with Howard County executive Ken Ulman to contend for the democratic nomination, and Delegate Ron George of Anne Arundel County announced on June 7 he will be seeking the republican nomination.

 “I want to help people. I want to help families and protect children and make Maryland a better place. I grew up in Maryland. This is my home. I have pride in my state. There is a lot of work to be done in terms of jobs, in terms of education, in terms of healthcare, education, and public safety. Those are all issues we can do a whole lot better on,” said Gansler.

If he wins, Gansler will be the first official to hold an elected position from Montgomery County to serve as governor. Governor O’Malley is a native of Bethesda, but served the majority of his career in Baltimore, serving as third district councilor from 1991-1999 and serving as mayor from 1999-2007.

“We have never had a governor from Montgomery County. So there is somebody from here. We will get someone who understands where Lowens toy store was and Giffords ice cream and is actually from Montgomery County and cares about Montgomery County.  And doesn’t view Montgomery County as the ATM of the state and understands we have real needs here too and real diversity issues and a lot things we need help with in Montgomery County as well,” said Gansler.

By Donna Broadway

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