Capital Crescent Trail Safety Wall

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The wall is being built by Montgomery County Department of Parks and Planning masons as a safety wall to provide safety for trail users right by businesses in the area. The Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail and the Westbard Citizens Association were consulted prior to the wall being built and their input was incorporated into the final decision to make the wall.

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On Jun 11, 2013, at 10:36 PM, a constituent wrote:

The wall is being built on the South side of the bridge over River Road on the Capital Crescent trail. The bridge has a 5% grade on that side and the approach is about 1% up.

These coordinates should bring up the location in Google/Bing Maps:
38.963782, -77.103736

Going down the hill, bikers reach 25 mph against an uphill speed of 1-5 mph by joggers/bikers. It would be nice to see the bike trail have the same safety features that roads get.


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